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About the house church that meets in Perth's northern Suburbs

Welcome to the 'this-do' website.   Like many churches we would say that we are all about Jesus Christ, risen and glorified.  We want to lift Jesus up as Lord and King and give him all the praise and worship as our rescuer.  He is worthy!  What is different is that we meet together to do this the way the first believers met.  The Apostles started 'churches' in homes around food and drink, a covenant meal eaten together.    This was after hearing Jesus tell them to 'this do in remembrance of me.'  Therefore we meet in homes, share a covenant meal together and build each other up, encouraging one another in the faith.  We are currently meeting in Kinross, Quinns Rocks and Yanchep on rotation.  

By calibrating our practices to Jesus' simple instruction we find it is easier to walk out our faith with Jesus truly leading us as a church.  Our aim is to be faithful to what Jesus told the disciples to do at the last supper.   Because we are doing this, we present the Lord with a group of believers who are free from the traditions, prescriptions, expectations or demands that come with the Church that history produced.   

If Jesus wanted to work through people as He did in the first century,  you would expect Him to have a way of doing this.  By returning to the simple gatherings in homes around food and drink, we can be all about Jesus, walking in a lifestyle of worship, presence and power.   With our reference point for gathering coming from Scripture, we can be free from all that history has added to the church gatherings of believers. 

Anyone who wants Jesus, on His terms, would be at home at our house church.

Just another church?

When believers gather together it is often interpreted as 'church.'  The word 'church' is translated from the Greek word 'ekklesia.'  Ekklesia means 'the called out assembly' and reflects the wonderful truth about our salvation.  True believers have been called out from the world to be part of the New Covenant!  What a glorious work God has done to secure our eternal life!  

So you would think that when believers meet together for any reason this is 'ekklesia.'  But this is not what we find in the New Testament.  Paul rented out a building to teach in Acts 20 but this is not called ekklesia.  Yet when people gather to eat a meal together in 1 Cor 11, this is ekklesia!  1 Corinthians is a correction to the practices in the ekklesia there.  A summary of a key passage is as follows: 

1 cor 11:17-34  The 'ekklesia' at Corinth were not eating the Lords Supper together.  In Greek the word for supper is 'deipnon' meaning the 'evening meal.'  Some were gorging themselves, leaving no food,  and some were getting drunk!  In v18 and v22 Paul calls this gathering where there is lots of food and drink 'ekklesia,' the word we translate 'church.'  Paul also tells the Corinthians to do this 'until the Lord comes' and there is no further instruction to alter how ekklesia is done.  Later in the epistle we find other components distinct to ekklesia:



  • They had no rank among believers ( 1 Cor Ch 1-3)

  • They ate and drank together (1 Cor 11)

  • They built up and encouraged one another (1 Cor 14:12)

  • They each had a contribution (1 cor 14:26)

  • They sang a praise song or worship(1 Cor 14:26)

  • They met in homes (1 Cor 16:19)

Still observing 1 Cor 11:17-34 it is amazing to see that Paul was instructed by the Lord on the supper and was to pass it on to the ekklesia at Corinth.  Paul describes the breaking of bread and taking of a cup just as the Lord did at the last supper for the disciples.  Neither the disciples or Paul interpret this as isolating the bread and cup from the meal.  The first churches ate a meal together with joy and practised open and equal sharing amongst each other.  The whole point of it all was to have the believers come together and allow the love, joy, peace and unity become the dominant factor of their lives.  Jude also mentions this feast, Luke tells us about this in Acts 2:46 and we find Paul 'breaking bread' a Jewish idiom for eating together in Acts 20. 

Is it Biblical?

Church leaders generally do church a certain way because they believe it works.  For something to 'work' it must have some criteria to measure against.  If a biscuit factory is 'working,' it produces quality biscuits and sells them at a profit.  Believers gathering together does not have a product first and foremost.  Biblically, believers were meeting to have the covenant meal together and build up and encourage one another as led.  I call it 'inchristness,' the deep flow of love and unity among brothers and sisters as we anchor into our source, the risen and glorified Jesus.  As a consequence of meeting together there may be the winning of lost souls, growth of believers, missions and suchlike.  

But today's church has these by-products of 'inchristness' as the reason we meet together.  When a believer goes to this church, they soon become a 'product.'  If the biscuit factory needs more sales, you expand and make more biscuits.  God's kingdom does not work this way.  The western way of thinking focuses on 'product' and the 'inchristness' gets lost in it all.  Sure, there will be glimpses of love and unity but generally believers are united around purpose rather than the bonds of 'family.'   So what we get in the majority of churches is productive people rallying around a purpose rather than people who have belonging in brotherhood.   Jesus told the disciples to 'this-do' because in eating a meal together in a home (what they were doing) would serve the 'inchristness' and felicitate 'family.'  So when we meet in a community building in rows with the team leading from the front we facilitate industry not family.  Many churches will say they are a family because we have one Father, but Jesus wants us to be being the family, and from that comes the doing.  They will know we are his disciples by our love. 

Ever since I became a Christian in 1989 I was taught that the reason for church was to win the lost.  While walking out the gospel and being witnesses is a top priority, it seems logical to be able to take new believers into an environment where they will be biblically nurtured is the first priority.  The reason we practice church the way we do is because we want, by meeting, to be met in our core beings by the love and unity I call 'inchristness.'  Then, by His grace, truly transformed people can live out the love, joy and peace the New Testament speaks of.  

What's a Systemectomy?

Iv'e already hit you with 'inchristness,' a word I made up.  Now I have to introduce another made up name:  Systemectomy.  An '-ectomy' is the surgical removal of a part of the body.  I coined the phrase system-ectomy to describe the process of having the church system removed from our lives.  Until we have started the process of recognising God's will and purpose revealed in scripture, we will do what people have always done:  followed mans version of church.  Where did it all go wrong?

After the Apostles another group of leaders emerged called the Early Church Fathers.  While doing some good things, they ignored the teaching of the Apostles and moved towards the old way of meeting together.  Church gradually began looking like a Temple and over the centuries community buildings, priest-like leaders and tokenistic communion was the main practice.  I recommend Beresford Job's book 'Biblical Church' to relay the details of this.   In the background there were always groups who wanted to follow Jesus' command the 'this-do' and E. H. Broadbent's book 'The Pilgrim Church' forensically covers this.  After the Reformation in the 16th Century one would imagine that the Protestants would go and do what the scriptures taught.  However, while a Theological reformation took place they did not break from the Roman Catholic tradition of priests, community buildings, tokenistic communion and ritualistic baptism.  Roman Catholicism can be summed up in, 'special people - doing special things - in special places.'  Today we still see this in even the most modern gatherings.  

The 'systemectomy' is having all the post Roman Catholic practices removed from your walk.  This results in freedom, fresh thinking and the Holy Spirit can make you unlearn man's way of gathering together under Jesus' name.  When we meet in the simple way Jesus told us to do, we find the peripheral things that system church has are gone.  This de-clutters our walk and we have more access the Jesus, risen and glorified.  We also find He has access to us now we are discarding the things we were taught are vital to our walk in system church.  In short, being obedient to what Jesus taught results in much joy as we embark upon the life the Lord intended for us.  To love God and love and be loved by God's children is the intended life that could result in the Lord being able to issue forth through His church again.  


Gary Ward

Is the Lord leading you here?

We are keen to open our arms as a family to anyone who is a new believer, the weary, the discouraged, hurt, healthy, stained, soiled and spat out the other end!  You would be welcome because you are just like us!

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